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So I walked into macys to by some comfy Adidas and walked out with these 😔

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✌️DC #phalic (at Washington Monument National Monument)

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Can I please live here?! #dc (at Dupont Circle Farmers Market)

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I’m in love with MD already (at Downtown Inner Harbor Baltimore Md.)

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Rupi Kaur is unbelievable.

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//you are so much more than pretty\

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Gonna miss this pretty!!! 😍😍😍😍 I hate hate leaving her 😭

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This is my new favorite thing, I cannot get over the smell!!!!!! 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪 ginger cookie body butter 4lyfe @beautykitchenjunkie #beautykitchen

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Gonna have a day all to myself to explore this beautiful city!!! Any suggestions of what to do in #baltimore from my lovely followers?

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Remember, the Bruins could have pursued Daniel Briere and/or kept Jarome Iginla


Their brain dead GM chose not to.

Now he showed them up.

For all the bad some GM’s have done, Peter Chiarelli has done the worst without being bad on purpose. He wouldn’t last in any other market.

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Vanessa Morgan, Aisha Estey, Ashley Grossaint, Dayna Douros & Jackie Johnson

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The youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. Ever.

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